Subaru To Install Rain Gardens In New Jersey

Subaru to install rain gardens in New JerseyAs the growing importance of storm water management is underscored by recent flooding throughout the northeast United States, Subaru of America announces the installation of two rain gardens, the first of which will be installed on October 13 at the company's headquarters in Cherry Hill, and the second one later this fall at the company's Pennsauken, NJ office.

These two rain gardens will help reduce runoff, including nutrients and pollutants, into surrounding rivers and streams, such as the Cooper River that runs along the edge of the Subaru headquarters grounds. Subaru worked in partnership with the Camden County Soil Conservation District and the Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Rutgers University to install the rain gardens.

Rain gardens are shallow depressions in lawns and fields that collect rainwater, which then percolates down through layers of rock, gravel or other drainage. The gardens are landscaped with native plants, which beautifies the area and helps minimize maintenance. While rain gardens are becoming more common in new construction, the Subaru rain gardens are some of the first in New Jersey to be retrofitted to corporate grounds.

"Subaru is pleased to be among the first companies in New Jersey to retrofit a rain garden – or two – at our corporate buildings," notes Tom Doll, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Subaru of America, Inc. "The rain gardens will certainly benefit the streams and rivers around those buildings, but just as importantly, they'll help educate our employees, our corporate neighbors, and the public about the importance of storm water management."

"Retrofitting a corporate landscape to include a rain garden is an effective way to help improve water quality," notes Craig McGee, project director, Camden County Soil Conservation District.  "The rain garden will allow rain water to soak into the ground instead of runoff to the streams and rivers, and at the same time provide a valuable landscape enhancement. The best part is Subaru employees and customers will learn how easy it is to install a rain garden at their home and do their part to help protect our water resources."

"Rain gardens are an effective way to reduce routine maintenance costs while protecting the environment and improving water quality," adds Jeremiah Bergstrom, Senior Project Manager, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Rutgers University. "Working with corporate partners such as Subaru of America is a great way to demonstrate how rain gardens can be effective for businesses, communities and even homeowners."