Subaru Wrx And Toyota Crash Shows You Can't Let Your Guard Down While Driving

Subaru WRX And Toyota Crash Shows You Can't Let Your Guard Down While Driving

If you want a quick lesson on how not to drive, watch the video below and observe the white Toyota RAV4.

The following video was filmed from the dashcam of a Subaru WRX driver in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and starts off entirely mundane, showing the WRX cruising down the fast lane of a motorway. Things quickly change.

As the Subaru driver progresses down the road, traffic in the middle lane begins to build up and eventually grinds to a halt. However, the driver of a white Toyota RAV4 in the middle lane failed to see traffic building, inevitably distracted by something. Despite the vehicle in front of the RAV4 grinding to a halt, the Toyota driver does nothing and only brakes at the very last moment before impact.

Not only does the RAV4 driver brake far too late, but they also yank the steering wheel to the left, directing the SUV directly into the path of the Subaru WRX. Without any time to react, the Subaru driver slams into the rear of the RAV4, causing serious damage to the vehicle’s front end.

The Toyota is clearly at fault for the accident and everything could have been avoided if they simply braked early enough. With that being said, the Subaru driver could have driven slightly more cautiously and slowed while approaching and passing the traffic in the middle lane.