Subaru Wrx Driver Does A Stupid Overtake, Narrowly Avoids High Speed Head - On Collision

Subaru WRX Driver Does A Stupid Overtake, Narrowly Avoids High Speed Head-On CollisionThe driver of this black Subaru WRX clearly overestimated his capacity to keep the car in check, nearly losing control after managing to avoid a head-on collision.
Of course, he should have never put himself in that position to begin with. The dashcam footage shows us just how reckless he was in choosing to overtake the cammer without any visibility of what was coming around the corner. Which, in that case, was a Ford pick-up.The video was posted to reddit by the same person who captured the footage. Apparently, they pulled over next to the driver of the Subaru further down the road, which is how we now know that the latter was in his mid 20s and had his 12-year old brother sitting in the back. He’s also described as being proud of the maneuver he had just executed.While we’re glad to know that they were both OK, this kind of driving is plain irresponsible – not to mention illegal, as he crossed a double-yellow line.Then there’s the speed at which he was going. It could have easily led to him losing control of the car, especially if the situation was more dire and it required more steering input or heavier braking. Sure, the WRX is one heck of a machine, and it can bail you out if you at least know what you’re doing. But there are limits to what you can and cannot do on a public road – and this youngster definitely overstepped them.