Superstar Author James Patterson Reviews The Lexus Lc 500

Superstar Author James Patterson Reviews the Lexus LC 500

Lexus Australia has enlisted superstar writer James Patterson to describe about the LC 500 coupe:

There’s a full written piece on the Lexus Australia website — here’s a quote:

I’ve heard overenthusiastic enthusiasts talk about being behind the wheel of a high performance car as being in the cockpit of a fighter jet, but so far as I know – there isn’t an aircraft on Earth that is this wild, this elegant, this much pure, unadulterated fun to drive. If there was an ejector seat on the LC 500 – I would never use it.

What an astonishing ride, what a sports car, how intoxicating life becomes when you’re behind the wheel of an LC 500.

I think I just experienced amazing.

(The world’s best-selling author, Patterson has transformed the book publishing industry — this article from The New York Times does an excellent job at profiling his impact.)