Suzuki Jimny Displays Samurai Spirit In Japanese Snowstorm

Suzuki Jimny displays Samurai spirit in Japanese snowstormSay what you will about its smallest SUVs, but you have to hand it to Suzuki: the likes of the Samurai, Sidekick and Vitara were doing the little-sport-ute-that-could thing long before most of the rest of the industry caught on. And the formula remains relevant enough that Suzuki is still selling the same basic Samurai overseas as the Jimny.

That could be why the Samurai still has something of a cult following. Well, that and the name – which, as it turns out, may not have been such a stretch after all. A Samurai warrior, after all, was just one man – but like any other knight, he was worth more than his headcount on the battlefield. Or in this case, a Japanese snowstorm.
VIDEO Suzuki Jimny displays Samurai spirit in Japanese snowstorm