Suzuki Jimny Shows Its Off - Roading Prowess Against A Triumph Scrambler

Suzuki Jimny Shows Its Off-Roading Prowess Against A Triumph Scrambler

The Suzuki Jimny has no real competitors, as the rest in its segment are strictly oriented towards the tarmac, so this has forced publications across the world to think up creative ways to put the tiny off-roader through its paces. That includes tests of the Jimny against the likes of the Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

For something a little different, Top Gear’s Jack Rix was handed the keys to a blue Jimny and tasked with racing a Triumph Scrambler through a tight and twisty gravel circuit to see which of the two is fastest.

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Evidently, this video is not about whether the car is better than the bike, but how it performs on (relatively high-speed) gravel roads where, let’s face it, many Jimnys will probably spend most of their time.

That been said, the Jimny is anything but fast. It is powered by a tiny 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with just 101 HP and 96 lb-ft (130 Nm) of torque. This engine can be mated to either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic, but whichever gearbox you choose, performance is barely adequate.

So, how did the Jimny fair against the Triumph? Maybe it’s reasonable to assume that, thanks to it having four wheels instead of two, it came out on top. It’s not nice to publish spoilers, so we won’t, but let’s just say that it’s not safe to jump too soon into conclusions.