Take A Close Look At This Mazda Rx - 7 Drifter From Netflix's Hyperdrive

Take A Close Look At This Mazda RX-7 Drifter From Netflix's Hyperdrive

If you're a car enthusiast with a Netflix subscription, you have to watch the streaming service's latest series that’s aptly named Hyperdrive.

We’ve already covered the series in the lead-up to its premiere and it has certainly lived up to the hype with wild stunts, crazy cars and skilled drivers. One of our favorites the Mazda RX-7 driven by Aaron Parker.

We won’t tell you how ηε performs, but we will say that his RX-7 stole many hearts, and in this clip from Donut Media, we’re offered a chance to see the drift machine up-close. It looks absolutely astonishing – and then some…

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Parker found himself with the keys to an RX-7 following a crash involving his prized Acura Integra. The crash left the Acura in tatters, but an insurance payout helped the driving ace buy an RX-7. The car started out life painted gloss black, though it didn’t take long for Parker to start customizing it and turn it into a drifter.

Powering the car is Mazda’s two-rotor 13B engine which from the factory came with two turbochargers. Parker decided to ditch those turbochargers in favor of a single turbo from Borg Warner. Rotary engines aren’t particularly easy to work on nor known for their reliability, so it’s a testament to Parker’s patience and belief in the engine that he retained it rather than replacing it with a 2JZ or LS like many owners of other race-prepped RX-7s have.