Take A Crash Course Into The Toyota Supra's Illustrious History

Take A Crash Course Into The Toyota Supra's Illustrious HistoryWith the all-new Toyota Supra coming our way sometime between the end of this year and early 2019, it's time to delve in the Japanese sports car's history.
The video comes courtesy of the Cars Evolution YouTube channel, and it will no doubt thrill those who love all things Supra. The clip documents the Supra’s rise from a performance version of the Celica to a standalone sports car that put many of its rivals to shame in its latest iteration, the fourth-generation Supra GZ.The upcoming 2019 Toyota Supra twinned with the next-gen BMW Z4 is not forgotten either, and we also get to learn some interesting facts about the iconic Japanese sports car. For example, did you know that the Supra Mk4’s braking performance from 70-0 mph (113-0 km/h) was so good that it took seven years for another car to beat it? Or that this that car was no other than the Porsche Carrera GT.Want more interesting tidbits? The 1981 Celica Supra introduced the world’s first navigation computer, the "Navicon", and was the first Toyota vehicle in the United States to offer cruise control.We’re sure you already have a favorite Supra model, but that shouldn’t stop you from letting the video refresh your memory. It will also help you realize that the upcoming A90 model will need to live up to a fantastic legacy. Since Toyota promises Porsche 911 levels of performance at a much lower price point, we believe the new Supra will do just fine.