The Lexus Lfa Is, To This Day, The Finest Supercar To Ever Emerge From Japan

The Lexus LFA Is, To This Day, The Finest Supercar To Ever Emerge From Japan

Depending on how you look at it, the Lexus LFA could be considered a massive success or a flop.

On the one hand, the automaker’s decision to launch a halo supercar brought a huge amount of attention and interest to the brand, and its design language served to inspire a plethora of future Lexus models.

On the other hand, despite being a limited run, the LFA never sold out; as of the start of this year, there were still seven brand new cars available at dealerships in the United States even though production ended in December 2012.

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Eager to see what the LFA is all about, Donut Media had the opportunity to get up close with a gorgeous black example that currently resides in the U.S.

Perhaps the first thing most people are amazed by is the extraordinary soundtrack; and rightly so, as the LFA is one of the best-sounding road-legal production cars ever. It features a naturally aspirated, 4.8-liter V10 tuned by Yamaha and sings like the finest opera singer and you could argue that the intake and exhaust notes alone are enough to justify the original price tag of $450,000. One aspect of the powertrain that is often forgotten about is that it features independent throttle bodies for each cylinder, something which is virtually unheard of for road cars with this cylinder count.

Unfortunately for Lexus, the LFA was so long in the making that, when it did launch with a $450,000 and “just” 552 HP, it was considered too expensive and (relatively) underpowered. To our eyes, however, it is an icon and believe it will prove to be a true collector’s car in the decades to come.