The Rear Of A Bmw 850i Is The Trailer To One Seriously Weird Subaru

The Rear Of A BMW 850i Is The Trailer To One Seriously Weird SubaruNo, your eyes do not deceive you; somebody apparently cut an old BMW 8-Series Coupe in half in order to build a custom trailer for this Subaru Tribeca.
Let’s start with what we know. According to u/Rodzp, the redditor who gifted the internet these images, the car was spotted in Portugal. We can also tell you that the Tribeca is equipped with a BMW M front spoiler, a tall, Toyota Supra-like rear wing and, of course, half a BMW 8-Series in trail.Why somebody would cut up a classic like the E31 is beyond us, but we’ll admit that we’d much rather stare at the rear end of the Bimmer than the tailgate of that unnecessarily chunky Tribeca, which, by the way, has a Portuguese Football Federation sticker on its rear window.Of course, it might just be part of a crashed Bimmer that this individual converted into a trailer. Which, come to think of it, seems like a more likely origin.A few moments of squinting reveals that it’s an 850i model. Correction, it was an 850i, which means at one point it was attached to a front end that contained a massive 5.0-liter V12 engine, producing 300 PS (296 HP). A truly great classic that, sadly, is no more.