The World's Tackiest Toyota Avalon Is From A Galaxy Not Too Far Away

The World's Tackiest Toyota Avalon Is From A Galaxy Not Too Far AwayWhat we wouldn’t give to know what the owner of this Toyota Avalon was thinking before they went and turned their car into something so polarizing.
Sure, it may not have been a very exciting car to begin with, but at least there was a point to it. Now, unless the owner was on their way to a comic book convention, we fail to see what they were thinking. Starting from the top, we spot a giant rear wing (for Intergalactic track days no doubt) and a roof rack.By the way, we’re officially very curious to know if this person’s bicycle matches the car. That would be pretty “priceless”!Moving on, we can see that the vehicle is equipped with a body kit, and not a particularly good one. We also count a total of six tailpipes, where the extra ones are positioned in an absolutely ridiculous manner.Other mods include the wheels, which have been customized to match the exterior of the vehicle, the weirdly tinted windows and an American flag strapped to the front fender. Speaking of the front, we can only imagine what’s going on over there – unfortunately this was the only angle available.The image was posted to Reddit’s “crappy” car mods thread by grobocop891, and was subsequently made fun of by most people. Others however praised it for its execution, which to be fair, is slightly better than most of the stuff that ends up on that thread.