Third - Gen Toyota Mr2 Wishes It Was A Porsche Cayman Instead

Third-Gen Toyota MR2 Wishes It Was A Porsche Cayman Instead

The third generation Toyota MR2’s front end already kind of reminded people of Porsche, thanks to those large bulging headlights and how they mesh with the front wings and the hood.

However, this particular MR2 has definitely gone the extra mile, wearing a (quite questionable) body kit to go with a large rear wing and a Porsche badge. The intention must have been to turn it to a Cayman look-alike. Only it doesn’t work at all.

Maybe the owner of the car has heard that many MR2s have been converted to look like completely different cars. Everybody’s got to start from somewhere, so sticking that Porsche badge on the nose is, well, lamentable. And the body kit… we’ll say no more, you can judges for yourselves.

The MR2’s mid-engined layout has been a magnet for turning it into supercar replicas. A couple of examples you might remember are this particular one, which was converted into a mini-me Lamborghini Murcielago, and this one, that’s supposed to resemble a Ferrari 360 Modena.

There’s no doubt that they are not even getting close to the real thing, yet their owners at least put in considerably more effort. Besides, the fact that we found the picture of this yellow MR2 on a Reddit thread about poor car mods pretty much speaks volumes as to the general consensus on the quality of this conversion.