This Honda Civic Hillclimber Would Love To Go To Pikes Peak

This Honda Civic Hillclimber Would Love To Go To Pikes Peak

In the world of production-based race cars, it's hard to find creations any crazier than those that compete in hillclimb racing. Just take a look at this truly mind-blowing Honda Civic, for example.

Now, when we say this is a Civic, that’s not to say it’s a regular one, as it has received a ton of modifications.

For starters, it is powered by a Honda V6 from the Acura TL Type S that’s been complemented by a large Garrett turbocharger running at around 10 pounds of boost. Surprisingly, the engine itself is stock but has been able to handle all the extra power.

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Inside, there’s virtually nothing to be seen. Other than a single racing seat, white roll cage, and the stock gauge cluster, the cabin is totally bare to ensure the car weighs as little as possible. And we also need to address the elephant in the room: the bodywork.

The front of this tiny Civic hillclimber is dominated by a huge front splitter that’s actually mounted to the chassis. It may look fragile, but it’s so sturdy that you can stand on it and it won’t budge. And it’s made that way because, at 90 mph (144 km/h), the splitter alone produces 500 lbs (226 kg) of downforce. Other aerodynamic aids include unique side skirts, undertray tunnels, a huge rear diffuser and that mammoth rear wing that sits on top of the roof – or, like, a couple of stories higher. We don’t know how much downforce it will generate, but it’s definitely gonna be massive.

The car fully complies with Time Attack regulations, yet its owner is particularly keen to take his bespoke Civic to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. With all those aero mods, we presume it would make for an interesting entry in the race to the clouds.