Toyo Tires To Release Observe Gsi - 5 Studless Winter Tires For Suvs And Ccvs

Toyo Tires to release Observe GSi-5 studless winter tires for SUVs and CCVsToyo Tire & Rubber will its release newly developed Observe GSi-5 studless winter tires for use with SUVs and CCVs (cross-country vehicles) on September 2nd. It will be their first new product in the category in nine years.

The new product inherits the high ice and snow performance employed by the company in its studless winter tires for passenger vehicles and minivans and will feature a new siped design made for SUVs and CCVs. In addition, the tire digs into icy road surfaces to ensure high gripping ability via Toyo's independently developed walnut formulation.

Moreover, through the use of features such as high-strength ply construction and high-strength belt construction to improve handling stability and rim protectors to prevent rim deformation, the tires achieve high body rigidity which provides support for the driving performance of heavy SUVs and CCVs which place a high burden on tires.

The tire will be sold in 14 sizes from 15 to 19 inches under an open pricing model.