Toyota Boss Suggests Lexus Could Take To The Skies, Start Making Jets

Toyota Boss Suggests Lexus Could Take To The Skies, Start Making Jets

Following the launch of the long-awaited Lexus LY650 yacht in Miami this week, Toyota has indicated that its luxury brand could venture out into the world of jets.

Cars Guide had the opportunity to speak with Toyota’s global president and Lexus chief brand officer Akio Toyoda at the unveiling of the yacht and were told that the Japanese company wants to take to the skies.

"Toyota itself is trying to transform from an automotive company to a mobility company and in order to enhance the value of the Lexus brand we need to cover land, sea and also air, and therefore the yacht was a concept we thought we really need to have," he said.

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Asked specifically if Lexus was working on a plane, Toyoda replied, "well, please watch us in what we do when it comes to that area.”

Toyota hasn’t given a timeline as to when it wants to go skyward. If, however, they do go ahead with the launch of a jet, it would likely act as a direct rival to the HondaJet that’s priced at a cool $4.5 million a pop and has established itself as the benchmark in speed for jets in its class.

Back in 2016, the latest HondaJet flew from Teterboro, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a 960-mile nautical mile flight in just two hours and 51 minutes traveling at a cruising altitude of 43,000 feet. It has also flown from Boston, Massachusetts to Pal, Beach, Florida in two hours and 58 minutes during testing at an average airspeed of 385 knots (443 mph / 712 km/h).