Toyota Brings Super Off - Road Arcade Game To Smart Phones

Toyota Brings Super Off-Road Arcade Game to Smart PhonesWith the introduction of a slightly tweaked arcade game from the late ’80s, Toyota is encouraging, not just truck fans to “Get Dirty” but smart phone users too.

While some might remember the arcade game as “Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road” this new version has dropped the celebrity endorsement but added some special Toyota tweaks. The game works on your smart-phone and tablet, allowing players to choose one of the new TRD Pro vehicles to race on an offroad course full of ditches, jumps and water-crossings. The vehicles in the game are all faithful 8-bit recreations available with the same exclusive Inferno paint finish.

To play the game, head to, sadly the game isn’t available on your smart phone’s app-store and works only within your mobile devices browser.