Toyota C - Hr Driver Almost Reverses Off Four Story Parking Garage

Toyota C-HR Driver Almost Reverses Off Four Story Parking Garage

A bad parking job is going viral as a woman almost caused her Toyota C-HR to plunge 50 feet (15 meters) to the ground below.

As you can see in the surveillance video, the woman was attempting to reverse into a parking spot at Thailand’s Ministry of Health. This doesn’t go very well as she pulls the crossover in at an angle.

She then drives forward and back again to straighten the crossover out. This appears to do the trick, but things quickly take a scary turn.

With the vehicle still in reverse, the woman hits the accelerator and sends the C-HR through the barrier behind her. Thankfully, the crossover comes to a stop but its rear wheels are dangling off in the air.

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After hanging perilously for about a minute, people see the woman’s predicament and rush to her aid. According to the Daily Mail, she was eventually pulled to safety through the passenger side door which wasn’t damaged in the incident.

The woman reportedly said she recently bought the crossover and got confused about the gears. She added, "When the car moved backwards, I was so panicked that I pressed the [accelerator] pedal harder."

While the situation could have been much worse, the C-HR still got pretty banged up. The driver’s side front fender, door and mirror were all damaged and will need to be replaced. The rear end appears to be in surprisingly good shape, but it’s hard to be certain without a closer look. Still, much better than falling four stories down…