Toyota Camry Clips Honda Accord, Flips Violently Onto Its Roof

Toyota Camry Clips Honda Accord, Flips Violently Onto Its Roof

This crash seems to be the result of multiple errors committed by the driver of the older Toyota Camry, the first of which being lack of attentiveness.

They should have been keeping their eyes on the traffic ahead, which was beginning to slow down as another driver was preparing to make a right turn. Meanwhile, error number two was the indecisiveness at the end, which indirectly led to the Camry clipping the car ahead and rolling over.

Paying a major price

Admittedly, the “punishment” definitely didn’t fit the crime here. But that tends to happen sometimes in traffic, where “metal” doesn’t really care about fairness, and simply follows the laws of physics.

In this case, it was momentum and the precise angle of impact that saw that Camry bounce upwards and to the left, flipping over onto its side before going wheels-up. The main reason why this happened, was the fact that the Toyota’s front right wheel made contact with the Honda’s rear left – definitely not the first time we’ve seen something like this (it’s a surprisingly common type of crash).

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As for damages, it’s likely that both cars will get written off. The Camry because of severe structural damage, and the Accord because of what might amount to rear axle damage.

In the end, let’s just hope that the occupant or occupants of the Toyota weren’t seriously injured.