Toyota Camry Cuts Cammer Off On Virginia Highway, Major Crash Ensues

Toyota Camry Cuts Cammer Off On Virginia Highway, Major Crash EnsuesDo drivers really learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others? We certainly hope so but the steady stream of accidents we're seeing on a weekly basis shows a different picture.
Drivers are increasingly intolerant of other drivers’ mistakes — or stupidity. Just take a look at the following footage that almost looks like a carbon copy of another crash we saw last month.The driver of the beige Toyota Camry wants to merge from the right lane in front of the car with the dashcam. While the Toyota signaled its intention to switch lanes, there wasn’t enough space to safely perform the maneuver. Not to mention that the cammer wouldn’t have any of that.He started honking the horn, but the message didn’t get through to the Camry’s driver who continued to the maneuver and cut him off.Also watch: Semi Flips Over During Multiple Car Crash On I-465 Near IndianapolisInstead of braking to avoid contact, the driver of the dashcam-equipped vehicle carried on as if there was no car in front of him. And so the inevitable happened: as the Toyota entered his lane, he clipped it.As you can imagine, an impact at highway speeds can have terrible consequences. And it did: the Toyota then hit a black SUV and both vehicles then hit the median strip violently.Here’s hoping the people involved in the crash that happened on October 17 in Norfolk, Virginia didn’t suffer major injuries. Perhaps it’s telling that the cammer deleted the footage he originally uploaded on YouTube. Thankfully, the video got re-uploaded by someone else for everyone to see.Warning: The following video contains NSFW language