Toyota Camry Driver Loses Control While Chasing Bmw 5 - Series, Crashes Big Time

Toyota Camry Driver Loses Control While Chasing BMW 5-Series, Crashes Big Time

You know that “speed kills” saying ? Of course you do, though it’s unfortunate people tend to forget how vulnerable they really are behind the wheel, even when surrounded by two tonnes of metal, airbags, electronic stability programs and all that.

What happened recently in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is a perfect example of reckless driving on behalf of both drivers, not just the one who happened to actually cause the accident which, thankfully, did not end in a fatality.

At first glance, this seems like a straight-forward case of street racing gone wrong, and while we suspect that it was, it’s also possible that the Toyota driver was chasing that F10 BMW 5-Series for some other reason – maybe some kind of road rage.

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Whatever the reason might be, it doesn’t really matter – what does is what happened. As soon as both cars passed by the dashcam vehicle (which captured the footage on both ends), the Camry began to slide, to the point where recovering it became impossible.

The Japanese sedan crashed directly into a light pole, before spinning some more and flipping over. The driver and his two passengers thankfully survived, according to the video’s description; we assume that seat belts were worn by at least two of the three individuals and the safety systems worked as advertised.

It was also nice to see so many people stop to offer a helping hand, especially since in these kind of accidents time can be of the essence when it comes to saving someone’s life.