Toyota Camry: If Next - Gen Isn’t Fun To Drive “then We’ve Failed”, Says Local Engineer

Toyota CamryToyota Australia engineers “absolutely” welcome its global president’s directive to make its cars more fun to drive, committing to make the next generation Toyota Camry more dynamic than the current model.

Confirmed in an exclusive interview, Toyota Technical Centre Australia (TTC-AU) president Max Gillard said the directive by global boss Akio Toyoda to make all future Toyota products more fun to drive is being embraced by his local engineering team.

“Whether ‘dynamic’ is in the ride and handling, or the appearance … it [the directive] has been a big shot in the arm for our people, and not just our people, but all people in Toyota,” told Gillard.

“It is our intention that the customer will have a lot more emotional pleasure and enjoyment … driving the new models than they have in the past.”


Toyota CamryToyota CamryToyota Camry
Toyota CamryToyota CamryToyota Camry