Toyota Camry Runs Red Light, Gets T - Boned By Ford F - 150 Truck

Toyota Camry Runs Red Light, Gets T-Boned By Ford F-150 TruckHumans are supposed to be rational beings, yet the truth is that oftentimes we act quite unpredictably, if not irrationally.
For example, we dare you to find an excuse for what the driver of a Toyota Camry did in the following video captured by a dashcam in Tracy, California.At the beginning of the clip, we see the dashcam car nearing an intersection and stopping at the red light, as it should. To the right, we spot a white previous-generation Camry with a rather anxious man behind the wheel.Also watch: Subaru Outback Is No Match For Old Chevy Suburban In The Worst Way PossibleShortly after the cammer stops, the Toyota sedan starts to creep forward and then pulls away even though the lights were still red. The inevitable then happened, as a Ford F-150 truck coming from the left t-boned the Camry.The Ford driver must have been totally surprised, but it’s impossible to guess what was going through the head of the Camry’s driver. Unlike the red light runner, the pickup driver was paying attention to the road and steered left when he realized that the impact was inevitable.This probably saved the Camry driver’s life, as the truck hit the sedan’s front fender instead of the front door which, quite probably, would have more dire results.