Toyota Camry With Huge Rear Wing Wouldn't Mind A Cameo On Fast 9

Toyota Camry With Huge Rear Wing Wouldn't Mind A Cameo On Fast 9

While many people who want to make their vehicles faster opt for expensive upgrades, there are a number of much more affordable ways to increase the performance of your vehicle.

For example, it is a well-established fact that any sticker you put on your car instantly adds 5 hp – Fast & Furious-style ones from aftermarket specialists like HKS, GReddy, AP Racing etc. could make an even greater difference. Similarly, if you paint your brake calipers red, that’s another 5 hp – and an M, AMG, RS, GTi or Turbo decal is at least worth another 10. However, these modifications pale in comparison to the horsepower gains you can get by throwing a large rear wing onto the back of your typical family sedan.

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The following Toyota Camry posted on Reddit has been outfitted with an aftermarket wing which as one Redditor points out, adds at least 70 hp to the car. We’re willing to bet that the host of chrome accents found across the exterior, including the side skirts, rear diffuser, and doors, provide F1-like leves of downforce in cornering and make this Camry a true rival to performance sports sedans from Mercedes-AMG and BMW M.

Yep, this is getting kind ridiculous – but not as much as adding that wing to a Camry. A Camry, for God’s sake… We happen to be big fans of the latest-generation’s design and the fitment of this wing, chrome accents, and a fake vortex generator (!) on the roof ruin an otherwise decent-looking family saloon.

Sure, sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but the Camry doesn’t lend itself to that kind of FF-wannabe styling exercises. Just our 2 cents.

Oh, and one last thing: this is not the worst offender we’ve ever seen. And just in case you’re the owner of this car and feel offended by our remarks, we take it ALL back and promise to put an even larger wing on our rides. Plus vortex generators, of course…