Toyota Corolla “halo” Hot - Hatch Being Considered

Toyota Corolla “halo” hot-hatch being consideredA new-generation Toyota Corolla hot-hatch is being considered to give the brand a “halo” model for buyers to aspire to, according to the company’s local executives.

Toyota Australia product planning manager Mark Dobson admitted that there’s a certain mass-market appeal that can be drawn upon for a hot version of a car as popular as the Corolla, despite the Toyota 86 already offering enthusiast appeal in the range.

“We want exciting cars, and we think the 86 delivers on that,” said Dobson of the brand’s popular two-door coupe, which starts from just $29,990.

“[But] hot-hatches have more of a halo status about them. They allow a brand to build a car that’s aspirational.”