Toyota Corolla Pricing Defended, Sedan Costs More Than Hatch Despite Free - Trade Benefit

Toyota Corolla pricing defended, sedan costs more than hatch despite free-trade benefitThe new Toyota Corolla sedan is finally available, but buyers must pay more for the four-door despite it being cheaper to import than the hatchback.

The Corolla sedan is built in Thailand, a nation that Australia shares a free-trade agreement with; the Corolla hatch, however, is sourced from Japan, which means it attracts a 5 per cent tariff.

Despite that, the new Corolla sedan is still priced over the top of the hatch, although it does get more equipment. The sedan starts at $20,740 – a drop of $250 over the car it replaces – while the hatchback range kicks off from $19,990.

However, Toyota Australia executive director of sales and marketing Tony Cramb defended the Corolla sedan’s pricing at the launch of the car in Tasmania.

“[The Thailand free-trade agreement] obviously enabled us to provide the extra specification that’s in the sedan, like the rear camera and the rear parking sensors, the display audio – those sorts of things we could add that extra value that we talked about … and not necessarily have to charge for it,” Cramb said.

But rather than settle for an identical $19,990 price tag, Cramb claimed the company has looked at what else is on offer and what customers in the market for this type of small car want.