Toyota Gazoo Racing To Reveal Gr Super Sport Concept In Tokyo

Toyota Gazoo Racing to reveal GR Super Sport Concept in Tokyo

Gazoo Racing is the motorsports organization that runs Toyota's Le Mans, World Rally Championship and Super GT teams. All of these were brought under one umbrella back in 2015, and since then Gazoo Racing has been increasing its influence and foothold within the Japanese automaker. Just a couple of months ago, Toyota announced it was launching a GR sub brand in Japan. At next year's Tokyo Auto Salon, the japanese automaker is set to reveal the GR Super Sport Concept.

The sole teaser image shows the outline of a sleek, closed cockpit racer that looks heavily influenced by Toyota's Le Mans prototype cars. Despite that, Toyota says the GR Super Sport Concept follows and is influenced by Toyota Gazoo Racing's rally efforts in the WRC. That makes it Toyota's second car in a year to trace a direct lineage to rally, after a 210-horsepower version of the Yaris hatchback.

It's unclear if the car will influence any future production vehicles. Though the GR sub brand will start in Japan, there are plans to expand the name further. In recent years, Toyota has made strides in repairing its tarnished image among enthusiasts. There's a new Supra coming down the pipe as well as a few other GR-badged cars, including a version of the Toyota 86.