Toyota Grmn Vitz Turbo Is One Turbocharged Hot Hatch Producing 152ps

Toyota GRMN Vitz Turbo is one turbocharged hot hatch producing 152PSToyota Motor debuted the GRMN Vitz Turbo Concept at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon in January. In early July, we got the opportunity to photograph the most recent prototype model.

It is based on the Vitz RS three-door body (not yet available in Japan), and was developed on a "Pure Sports 2 Box" concept. The turbo-equipped 1.5 liter engine produces a maximum power of 152 ps at 6,000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 21.0 kgm at 4,000 rpm. Compared with the base Vitz RS, power was increased by 40%, while torque was boosted by 50%.

The five-speed manual transmission has been changed to a quick shift, and a footrest has been added next to the clutch pedal. It also features molded foam sports seats and a center-mounted tachometer.