Toyota La Coupe Prototype Is Real And Really Weird

Toyota La Coupe Prototype Is Real And Really Weird

We recently came across patent photos of a mysterious Toyota coupe and it appears the model is actually a real vehicle.

As noticed by members of the SupraMKV forums and pointed out to us by Carscoops reader TXSupra11, the mystery model is called the La Coupe and it was displayed in Naoshima, Japan, as recently as a few weeks ago. However, the car appears much older than that as we found tweets showing that the car was in Ginza Sony Park last October.

This is a bit strange as we haven’t heard about the model before and Google searches reveal pretty much nothing about it. Even after searching various press and corporate sites, we came up empty handed.

While little is known about the car, it’s a two-door coupe concept with an adorable face. The latter has distinctive headlights which are surrounded by stylish daytime running lights.

The model also has a front lip spoiler and a Toyota emblem with blue accents. Toyota uses that logo on hybrid models, so this suggests the concept has an eco-friendly powertrain.

While the front half of the concept is fairly traditional, the rear end is pretty unique. The fascia is almost a mirror image of the front end, but the headlights are swapped for taillights and the hood is replaced by a long trunk. We can also see stretched body panels and a contrasting black roof which flows into a rakish rear window.

We’ve only come across a few interior pictures, but they show the model has two, circular digital displays. One shows the current speed and fuel level, while the other displays the current gear and battery level.

It’s certainly an interesting concept and we’ve reached out to Toyota to learn more about it.  We’ll update this point when we hear back.





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