Toyota Mr2 Shows Us What Snap Oversteer Looks Like

Toyota MR2 Shows Us What Snap Oversteer Looks LikeCars with both their engines and driven wheels in the back are famously prone to snap oversteer. Especially, as you can see from this video, the Toyota MR2.
The affordable yet beloved mid-engined sports car known as “Mr. Two” was made in three iterations between 1984 and 2007. It's hard to tell from the footage, but it appears to have been captured (entirely from within the cockpit at night) in a second-generation model.

Regardless, each version packed a four-cylinder engine in the middle of a ridiculously short wheelbase that made its tail especially susceptible to sliding around without notice – a phenomenon known as Snap Oversteer, which was only exacerbated in this instance by the wet road conditions.

Fortunately, despite ostensibly applying too much throttle on the corner's exit, the driver (in the Philippine capital region of Manilla) was able to save the car from pirouetting straight into the wall (or other traffic). So instead of a cringe-inducing, car-totaling disaster, we're left with a learning experience.