Toyota Prius Is Now The Mpg King, According To Consumer Reports

Toyota Prius is Now the MPG King, According to Consumer ReportsThe 2016 Toyota Prius has set a new mpg standard in Consumer Reports‘ tests.
According to the publication, the 2016 Toyota Prius goes farther on a gallon of gasoline than any vehicle Consumer Reports has ever tested.
The hybrid returned 52 mpg, easily besting the previous-generation Prius’ 44-mpg mark and beating out the original Honda Insight’s 51 mpg from 2000. The two-seater Honda Insight had been the reigning champion in Consumer Reports testing, but now the new Prius has taken the crown.

To precisely measure every bit of fuel that is consumed during testing, Consumer Reports installed a fuel meter and drove the same routes for every car. On the city course, the Prius returned 43 mpg, an 11-mpg improvement over the previous model. At 65-mph highway cruising, the Prius measured 59 mpg, which is even better fuel economy than any diesel-engined car Consumer Reports has ever tested.

It wasn’t just the fuel economy that impressed the publication. Consumer Reports noted that the 2016 Toyota Prius has sharper handling, a more cushioned ride, less grabby brakes and nicer interior materials. It even notes that the Prius “is a proper family car for five occupants” and has strong crash-test results.

But it wasn’t all pros, with complaints about the hybrid’s center-mounted instrument readout, the tiny, toy-like joystick that serves as a transmission shifter and a plastic center console that “looks like a Stormtrooper’s bedpan.”