Toyota Prius Runs Red Light And Causes Three - Car Crash

Toyota Prius Runs Red Light And Causes Three-Car Crash

The dashcam of a Tesla Model 3 has captured the moment an orange Toyota Prius run a red light and smashed into the side of a white sedan.

We’re not entirely sure where this video was filmed, but it does appear to be in the United States. What we can say for sure is that the driver of this Prius caused a totally avoidable, and potentially very serious, accident.

It’s unclear if the driver of the Prius made a conscious decision to run a red light or if instead they were simply distracted and missed it altogether. Whatever the case may be, they can be seen applying the brakes moments before T-boning the white sedan, which looks to be a Honda Accord.

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The force of the impact sends the Accord into the side of another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction and it appears that the collision was hard enough to deploy the airbags in the Prius – and, probably, the other two as well.

Following traffic signals is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, one of the main reasons why there isn’t constant chaos on roads around the world is that signals control the flow of traffic and keep everyone safe. Well, at least that’s the theory – practice, as we’ve seen time and time again, is another issue altogether.