Toyota Sienna Runs Red Light In Front Of Police Suv – You Can Guess The Rest

Toyota Sienna Runs Red Light In Front Of Police SUV – You Can Guess The Rest

Running a red light is never a good idea. Actually, it’s an extremely dangerous traffic violation, and yet people do it frequently, most of the time fully aware of what they are doing.

Whether they do it on purpose or are, perhaps, distracted makes no difference at all, as the consequences are the same and can be dire in oh-so-many ways, as one driver recently found out.

The following incident happened in Canada, where the cammer pulled up to a red light with a Toyota Sienna in front of them. At one point, the green light comes on and the minivan driver pulls away as if their life depended on it. The only problem was that they looked at the left turn signal but went straight ahead instead.

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Fortunately, the Sienna crossed the intersection safely – but the driver’s luck ran out as they reached the other side. That’s because police officers in a cruiser were waiting to turn left and saw the Toyota running the red light right in front of them. Oops…

The Ford Explorer police interceptor obviously pulled over the offender, and we assume the driver was handed over a hefty fine and penalty points. We would be very curious to learn why they ran the red light but that’s obviously impossible.

However, we suspect it had something to do with a misunderstanding about which light had actually turned green, probably in conjunction to being distracted or absent-minded. That would also explain why they didn’t see the police vehicle that was only a few feet away. What’s certain is we rarely saw karma delivered so swiftly. Good thing no one else was coming the other way, too, and the only harm done was to the minivan’s pocket and driving record.