Toyota #throwbackthursday : 1935 ‘toyoda’ Logos

Toyota #ThrowbackThursday : 1935 ‘Toyoda’ logosThe earliest Toyota vehicles were developed in 1935 by the automobile department of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, a company named after its founding father, Sakichi Toyoda. The model names – Model AA car and Model G1 truck – were preceded by the brand name Toyoda.

The Toyoda trademark (below left) was registered in July 1935, soon after the company went into automobile manufacturing, and the tricolour logo was proudly displayed above the grille. But each vehicle also wore a mascot.
The Model G1 mascot (below middle) featured a golden sachihoko, an iconic symbol of Nagoya, prefectural capital of Aichi and home of the Toyoda family. This fabled sea creature was seen to be leaping over a circular motif containing stylised kanji characters for the name Toyoda. On the other hand, the Model AA mascot (below right) featured a wing motif designed to convey the idea of speed, integrated into a circle with a different stylised form of the kanji characters for Toyoda.

The official Toyoda trademark only lasted until April 1937, when a new trademark and new name for the automobile department was instituted. The reasons for this change will be revealed in a later #ThrowbackThursday post.