Toyota #throwbackthursday : 1997 Toyota Picnic Race Car

Toyota #ThrowbackThursday : 1997 Toyota Picnic Race CarBack in 1997 Toyota surprised the world by announcing its intention to return to touring car racing using the six-seater Picnic model rather than the saloons or hatchbacks used by all other manufacturers in the series.

The above visual of this ‘fast food’ version looked authentic enough in its Castrol-inspired livery but the press release date of 1 April – not to mention the Q-Cumber Racing development team from Sandwich, Kent – soon made people realise it was nothing more than an April Fool’s joke.
Ironically, however, the idea of a high-performance MPV never disappeared. A year later Toyota GB’s technical centre unveiled a genuine, one-off concept that paired the practical Picnic body with the engine and drivetrain from a Celica GT-Four.