Toyota Tundra Straddles Hov Lane, Gets Smashed By F - 150

Toyota Tundra Straddles HOV Lane, Gets Smashed By F-150

This incident took place earlier this month in Garland, Texas, when the driver of a black Toyota Tundra pickup cut into the carpool lane at crawling speed, seemingly unaware of the fast-approaching Ford F-150.

The Ford pickup slammed into the Toyota at an estimated 70 mph (112 km/h) according to the description of the video, which in turn nearly sent the F-150 flying over the concrete divider and into oncoming traffic. We just hope everyone involved was wearing their seat belts.

In terms of who’s fault this was, that one is pretty easy to figure out. The driver of the Tundra was not only inconsiderate for attempting to use the carpool lane at that particular point in time, but they were also out of their depth from a legal standpoint.

We actually doubt there is a lot the Ford driver could have done to avoid the impact. They clearly attempted to slow down. However, the Toyota kept moving left, which made the crash pretty much unavoidable.

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While there isn’t a lot of post-crash information with regards to this incident, we can only assume that the person driving the Toyota pickup was sanctioned for their unlawful maneuver, as well as for being responsible for the collision itself.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if the Ford driver and any potential passenger sustained injuries, considering this type of contact and speed at which it happened. Still, as stated before, seat belts should have helped, so hopefully everyone is alright.