Tuned 2020 Toyota Supra Already Setting Low - 11 Second Quarter - Mile Times

Tuned 2020 Toyota Supra Already Setting Low-11 Second Quarter-Mile Times

With Toyota Supra deliveries now kicking off, tuning companies have started to work their magic on the Japanese car manufacturer's all-new sports car and some very fast 2020 Supras have started to hit drag stripes around the world.

In this video, we’re presented with a 2020 Supra that’s been worked on by a company called Real Street Performance. It pumps out a total of 442 hp and 477 lb-ft (646 Nm) of torque through the rear wheels thanks to a new exhaust system, downpipe, methanol injection, and an ECU tune. To put that into comparison, Toyota claims the new Supra produces 'just’ 335 hp from the factory.

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Early drag strip experiences involving the new Supra have indicated that if there’s one thing that holds the car back, it is a lack of grip off the line. To counteract this, the following example has been outfitted with sticky Toyo R888R tires to ensure it can put all its power to the ground. During the car’s one and only run in the video below, it set a blistering quarter-mile time of 11.48-seconds at 118.33 mph (190 km/h). That’s quick, very quick.

In fact, an 11.4-second quarter-mile time is 1.1-seconds faster than a stock Supra recently achieved shortly after it was delivered last month. Not only does this show that Toyota and BMW have created a very enticing platform but shows how easy it is to modify the B58 engine found under the hood of the Supra. The future is looking bright in the world of Supra tuning.