Tuned Nissan Gt - R Driver Blows Gearbox Using Launch Control When Cold

Tuned Nissan GT-R Driver Blows Gearbox Using Launch Control When ColdWhile a cold start in a supercar can be a pretty cool aural experience, you might want to wait for the various fluids to start flowing and the temperatures to rise before you even think of pushing it.
That’s why a number of sports cars, like BMW’s M Division creations, have a light strip on the revcounter that gradually fades out as the various parts reach operating temperature: to show the driver that he/she shouldn’t exceed that threshold.Apparently, the owner of this GT-R didn’t know, or didn’t care; thus, something went very wrong and the the gearbox blew up.Whether the gearbox might have already had an issue makes no difference to the owner of the car, who probably has to dig pretty deep into his pockets in order for the Godzilla to fight another day.Even with proper servicing and warming up, transmissions in all cars can, at some point, give up – especially if we’re talking supercar numbers of horsepower and torque. Actually, make that double for tuned engines such as this GT-R’s (which, judging by the badge on the trunk lid, could have as much as 750HP), because they simply punish the gearbox even more.In the end, though, the most likely cause is pushing it too much, too early. Using launch control, as is evident from the video, was ill advised, as it tends to lower the transmission’s life expectancy considerably.The GT-R was one of the first (if not the first) to use launch control, a feature that today is present in hot superminis like the Fiesta ST. Even if it makes for great acceleration numbers that look good on the car’s brochure, using it frequently is definitely not something you’ll want to do in your own ride.