Van De Moosdijk Set To Return In Italy

Van de Moosdijk Set to Return in ItalyASTES4-TESAR Yamaha Official EMX250's Roan van de Moosdijk will make his return to racing, and highly anticipated EMX250 class debut, at the MXGP of Italy which will take place in the sand of Ottobiano on the weekend of June 25th.

On April 2nd, only two weekend before the opening round of the European Championship, Van de Moosdijk caught his foot on a rutted jump face and broke his ankle. The fifteen-year-old sensation didn't crash but did break the Tibia and Fibula bones in his leg. After more than two months of rest and recovery ASTES4-TESAR's young star on the rise is back on the bike, a GYTR kitted YZ250F, and is training in preparation for his first race inside the European Championship EMX250.

Van de Moosdijk will line up at Ottobiano - a venue 25km South West of the Italian capital, Milan - where he will contest the sixth round of the EMX250 series. 

"It's not easy to make a return to racing in the middle of the season, but I have confidence in Roan because before his injury his speed was good and he was in good shape and looking strong for the first round. He didn't crash when he broke his leg, it was just unlucky. Now he has had 5 weeks, and it will be more than 2 weeks before he races again, so I think in that time that he will be able to build some strength on the bike and will be more or less ready. It also nice for him to return to racing at a sand track like Ottobiano as a rider that is already really strong in the sand. At his first race back, we don't have any expectation of him, it is only important for him to get some racing under his belt."

Roan van de Moosdijk

"I started riding again last week. It was so nice and I felt really good on the bike immediately. I am looking forward to my first race in Ottobiano, I know the team don't have a lot of expectations for my first race, but I know I want to be inside the top five. I will be happy with that, a top five on my EMX250 debut and on my return from injury."