Video : 2014 Infiniti Q70 - Destination Button

VIDEO : 2014 Infiniti Q70 - Destination Button"Press the DESTINATION button to set a destination and begin route calculation.
Before searching for a destination, check to see that the correct region is shown on the screen. If it needs to be changed, touch the CHANGE REGION key and select the correct region for your destination.

On the main destination screen, you can choose from the following by touching the key on the screen:
• STREET ADDRESS, prompts you to enter the address of the destination,
• PLACES, lets you search from a list of points of interest such as gas stations, restaurants and hotels,
• HOME, sets as the destination an address previously saved as HOME,
• ADDRESS BOOK, shows a list of stored locations that can be set as the destination,
• PREVIOUS DESTINATIONS, displays previous destinations that have been entered into the Navigation System, and
• CONNECTED SEARCH, which uses the Infiniti Connection service, if so equipped, to set the destination.

Additional methods for setting a destination can be accessed by touching the NEXT PAGE key, including:

• DELETE DESTINATION, to delete the current destination and waypoints,
• PREVIOUS START POINT, which sets the previous route's starting point as the destination,
• STORED ROUTES, to choose the destination from a list of previously stored routes,
• PHONE NUMBER, to search for a destination using the phone number,
• FREEWAY ENTRANCE/EXIT, for setting a freeway entrance or exit as the destination,
• INTERSECTION, to set the intersection of two streets as the destination, and
• CITY CENTER, for setting the center of a chosen city as the destination.

It is also possible to set the destination using the map. To do this, move the map so that the cross pointer is centered on the location you wish to set as the destination. Press the ENTER button on the Infiniti Controller and then touch NEW DESTINATION.
VIDEO 2014 Infiniti Q70 - Destination Button