Video : Nissan Public Announcement Regarding Cats

Video : Nissan Public Announcement Regarding CatsNissan wants to remind car owners that cats love hiding in cars.
At first glance, you might think that the Japanese automaker is just appealing to the Internet’s love for cats, but the video actually serves a purpose as a public service announcement.
You see, our feline friends tend to use cars as shelter during the cold winter season, crawling under fenders and even into engine bays for warmth. So as a reminder, Nissan is hoping this #KnockKnockCats campaign will remind owners to knock on the hood of their cars before turning it on just in case a cat is lurking in the engine bay.

We’re actually more impressed that Nissan managed to capture this much footage of cats hiding in cars, especially actual Nissan models. But hey, maybe in Japanese cats have a thing for Nissans.