Video: This Nissan Gt - R Has Massive Turbos

Video: This Nissan GT-R Has Massive TurbosWho needs headlights when you can have a set of massive turbochargers instead?
After all, headlights only give you the ability to see at night (overrated much?) but aftermarket turbos, well they make power, and as Jeremy Clarkson would tell you, power solves everything...

The owner of this particular R35-generation Nissan GT-R made the interesting decision to replace the headlights with turbos for the drag racer. While we've seen GT-Rs with air intakes in their headlights (like the Hellcat), this is the first time we've seen a set of enormous turbos hanging out of the front end.

The effectiveness of this setup isn't known, but given that the world's fastest accelerating GT-Rs opt for more familiar and traditional layouts, we'd be inclined to say that this car won't be close to setting any records.