Vw Jetta Driver Plows Into Toyota Pickup At High Speed

VW Jetta Driver Plows Into Toyota Pickup At High Speed

Even though there are worse types of crashes than a rear impact, this particular incident was extremely violent due to its high-speed nature.

The driver of that silver VW Jetta was apparently distracted and didn’t notice traffic slowing down ahead. They do seem to realize that they’re about to crash with about a split second left, and proceeds to turn the car ever so slightly to the right. Although as far as we can tell, they didn’t even have time to brake.

This is what happens when you’re eyes are focused on something else entirely, rather than the road ahead. It’s inexcusable, and according to the description of the video, the driver (allegedly) wasn’t paying attention.

“Incident along I-26, traffic was slowing due to construction when a distracted driver rear-ended a Toyota Tacoma and sideswiped a Range Rover. The incident resulted in hospital admission of the truck driver and totaled two vehicles.”

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As the quote says, a Range Rover was also involved in the incident – specifically the dashcam vehicle, which captured what happened from both the rear as well as the front. It’s possible that the luxury SUV wasn’t that badly damaged, in the sense that it probably left the scene on its own four wheels.

Let’s hope everyone involved will ultimately be alright and that the driver of the Jetta learned their lesson.

Note: Mind the language used by the driver of the Range Rover following the crash