Watch A Heavily - Modified, 2,000 - Hp Nissan Qashqai Hit 237 Mph

Watch A Heavily-Modified, 2,000-HP Nissan Qashqai Hit 237 MPHLast summer, Toyota flexed its muscles by lettings its tuned, 2,000-hp Land Speed Cruiser loose in a straight line. Despite being as big as a boat, the SUV managed to get up to 230 mph. Earlier this month, Severn Valley Motorsport threw its hat into the ridiculously fast SUV ring with its 2,000-hp Nissan Qashqai (better known as the Rogue Sport in the U.S.) and set a new record. Now, you can watch it in action.
The U.K.-based tuning company is best known for its high-performance Nissan R35 GT-Rs. But a few years ago, SVM revealed its latest and most absurd project – a 1,500-hp Qashqai-R. That amount of power wasn’t enough for the company that returned with a 2,000-hp variant. To get that kind of power, SVM naturally went with a heavily-tuned 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 from a GT-R.With the SUV prepped and ready to go, SVM took the new Qashqai-R to V-Max 200 in Britain where it reached a top speed of 237.6 mph. That’s 7.6 mph better than what the Toyota managed to do with the Land Speed Cruiser. So this is the fastest SUV in the world.Unfortunately, it’s not a legit Guinness World Record. To get into the official book, you have to do two runs and take the average from those passes. From the video, it looks like SVM only made one run. Then, there’s the issue of size. The Land Cruiser is a full-size SUV, while the Qashqai is more of a compact. Still, this is an impressive feat and, from the video, it looks like the SUV was able to get to 237.6 mph in roughly 27 seconds. The run also looks pretty stable, besides a scary moment at 150 mph.