What Makes The Acura Nsx's $6,000 ‘andaro' Paint So Special?

What Makes The Acura NSX's $6,000 ‘Andaro' Paint So Special?

Many car manufacturers offer premium paint options for their vehicles and Acura does just that with the NSX and its available ‘Andaro' paint. To see the process behind this paint, Larry Kosilla from the AMMO NYC channel on YouTube made a visit to the factory where the NSX is made.

Acura will sell you an NSX in red, black or white but if buyers are willing to spend an extra $700, they can have orange pearl, silver metallic, and white pearl, all of which come with an extra layer of clear coat. Those looking for the most exclusive paint, however, can tick the box for the optional 'Andaro’ paint finish in either blue pearl and red pearl. This paint costs $6,000.

In creating its 'Andaro’ red pearl paint, Acura initially sprays the supercar in red which more closely resembles a shade of salmon. The car then gets a tinted clear coat which is what creates the deep shade of red. Next, another layer of clear coat is sprayed on but this time, the robotic painting arms feature different nozzles which help to atomize the clear coat to give it an ultra-shiny finish.

Acura then proceeds to bake all of the paint panels for 40 minutes before letting them sit for 24 hours. The process then continues with sanding and wiping before yet another layer of clear coat is applied. Expert painters then inspect each and every panel to ensure there are no imperfections. If there are, the panel is sanded and polished before getting the tick of approval.