Would You Buy The Toyota Supra Over The Honda Civic Type R?

Would You Buy The Toyota Supra Over The Honda Civic Type R?

The all-new Toyota Supra has taken the world by storm since its launch but is it actually all that it's cracked up to be?

To find out, Kelley Blue Book jumped behind the wheel of the new Supra to put it through its paces against one of Japan’s other finest performance cars, the Honda Civic Type R.

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It’s worth immediately pointing out that the new Supra and the Civic Type R are not competitors. Whereas the Toyota starts at $49,990, those in the market for a Civic Type R can buy a new one from as little as $37,230 (though in both cases, we’ve heard about dealer markups).

In addition, the Supra is rear-wheel drive while the Honda sends all its power to the front wheels. That puts the car at a disadvantage to the Supra but for those who actually like driving, the addition of a six-speed manual transmission does make the Civic Type R very enjoyable to drive.

However, one cannot simply compare these two cars by the numbers. To really see which is the best car to buy, you have to consider which of the two is the most fun to drive. Is it the Honda or is it the Supra?

Both have a lot going for them but clearly appeal to different buyers. The eye-catching and aggressive looks of the Honda make it more appealing to younger buyers, as does its lower price tag. By comparison, the new Supra is slightly more grown-up than the Civic Type R and this is reflected in its price.

Which would you buy? Let us know in the comments below.