Yamaha Ceo Says New Trike Under 1 Million Yen Will Come Before 2014

Yamaha CEO says new trike under 1 million yen will come before 2014Hiroyuki Yanagi, president and chief executive officer of Yamaha Motor Co.,announced on July 3, 2013 that the company will release a new trike called the Leaning Multi Wheel (LMV) on the market by 2014 at a price less than one million yen.

While President Yanagi said "I'd like to announce the detail at this year's Tokyo Motor Show", he explained "the existing trikes are used as commuter vehicles. We are targeting a more sporty segment focusing on the easiness of use, the absolute lightness and the high functionality. So it will become a different product from the existing ones."

He stated that "On that basis, we will increase our lineup of products to be able to use for various purposes. We have a wide range of engine displacements. As an initial stage, we will launch leaning-type vehicle with two wheels in the front. And afterwards, various products will be released."