Yikes! Watch This Honda Get Pit Maneuvered By Jeep Renegade

Yikes! Watch This Honda Get PIT Maneuvered By Jeep Renegade

Driving while tired is extremely dangerous and in this video, we get to see what can happen.

This footage shared on YouTube was captured from the front-facing dashcam of a 2017 Honda Accord and shows what very well could have very easily turned into a deadly crash.

At the 1:17 mark in the video below, the driver of the Accord suddenly gets bumped from behind and is sent into a dramatic 360-degree spin in the middle of a four-lane highway. As the dark blue Honda continues to spin, a white Jeep Renegade comes into view and the two hit each other for a second time. Fortunately for the driver of the Accord, the spinning car came to a stop before slamming into the concrete crash barrier, or another motorist.

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Both drivers are able to safely pull over to the side of the highway. At the 2:40 minute mark, the Honda driver is heard telling the motorist in the Jeep "what’s going on?" with the women replying something we can’t make out, before he asks her “did you fall asleep?”. While the exchange between the two is inaudible at this point, the woman can be seen nodding her head, presumably agreeing that she might have indeed fallen asleep while behind the wheel.

It’s somewhat fortunate that the woman ended up rear-ending the Honda because if she fell asleep and there were no other cars around her, she could have smashed directly into a crash barrier on the side of the highway or even worse, the end of a roadside barrier.