Youtuber's Mom Gets Behind The Wheel Of 650hp Nissan Gt - R

YouTuber's Mom Gets Behind The Wheel Of 650hp Nissan GT-RDespite being launched almost 10 years ago, the R35-generation Nissan GT-R continues to stun with its animalistic acceleration and breathtaking cornering ability.
Thanks to the car's relative affordability, it has proven particularly popular among younger generations, inevitably resulting in many worried parents around the world. With this in mind, YouTuber 'EzekielN7' decided to hand the keys to his modified GT-R over to his mother to let her experience just what Godzilla is all about.

The car is certainly a supercar killer on the track and as this video demonstrates, is also works as a city and motorway cruiser, more than capable of being used on a daily basis.

Before you watch the clip, take note that this GT-R has a number of aftermarket aero elements, a rose-gold chrome wrap, a 650 hp upgrade and a complete Armytrix exhaust system, making it an utter monster.