As Temperatures Drop, Production Of Ceramic Water Bottles Heats Up

As temperatures drop, production of ceramic water bottles heats upIt's the busy season at the Yamajo factory here as production hits full tilt for ceramic hot water bottles while the nation braces for the onset of winter.
Factory workers spent much of Nov. 11 lining up bottles to dry in the sun before they were set in a kiln.

After electric heaters became popular in the 1960s, Yamajo saw a sharp drop in production. Its output fell to only 200 or so a year.

However, the traditional ceramic bottle rebounded about 10 years ago as people rediscovered they were a great way to keep warm and required minimum use of electricity.

They are popular among office workers, who use the ceramic bottles to keep their feet warm, according to the company.

Yamajo said it now makes more than 10,000 ceramic water bottles a year