Business Jet Travelers At Haneda Airport To Enjoy Faster Immigration, Emigration Services

Business jet travelers at Haneda Airport to enjoy faster immigration, emigration servicesThe government is implementing plans that it hopes will attract more business jets to use Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.
The transport ministry said it will open a dedicated counter at Haneda’s international passenger terminal Sept. 30 to speed up immigration and emigration procedures for passengers who arrive on business planes.

The new counter will slash the time needed to complete the immigration procedures to as little as three minutes. That compares to the normal counters that service general passengers that can take up to 30 minutes, according to the ministry.

The ministry said it aims to boost the numbers of foreign business managers and wealthier people who fly on business jets that carry a limited numbers of passengers.

Officials in the ministry said a space in front of the international terminal where the jets can park is also being set up.

In March 2015, the number of parking spaces for larger business jets will increase to nine, officials said.